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The Kenneth Macqueen Foyer display at the  at Millmerran Library in November 2020:

Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Artists Award Exhibition - View | Points

Every two years Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery facilitates the Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Artist Award and Exhibition and supports the creative talents of some of south-east Queensland’s most promising emerging artists.


Selected works from this exhibition are then sent on tour to schools and galleries within the Toowoomba Region as part of the Crates on Wheels Travelling Schools’ Exhibition. This initiative nurtures the careers of emerging artists from south-east Queensland and provides students in the Toowoomba Region the opportunity to engage with contemporary art practice through their arts curriculum.


Nine artists feature a total of 12 works in the touring exhibition View│points: Crates on Wheels Travelling Schools Exhibition. Artists are Ute Braatz, Murray Dowty, Samir Hamaiel, Narumi Ii, Susan Lynch, Karri McPherson, Jeremy Plint, Charlotte Tegan and Justine Wake. These artists work across a range of mediums including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture and ceramics. While diverse in their artistic outcomes, these artists all exhibit a consistent and dedicated approach within their respective fields. 

Tying together the conceptual concerns in the selected artworks for the 2018 biennial is a strong sense of the artist’s point of view. Ranging from playful to formal approaches that observe, investigate, and evaluate the world around them, these artists cultivate personal perspectives that hold a mirror up to individual and collective experiences. Indeed, the artists identify the importance of reflection in shaping their conceptual and visual outcomes. As a result, the artworks on display draw attention to the overlooked, invisible, implied and overtly obvious in everyday life, demonstrating that the seemingly commonplace can be full of wonder when viewed through the artist’s lens. 

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