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The Kenneth Macqueen Foyer featured artist for October and November.  

“Animals have been an integral and central part of my life. I rescue wildlife and love the natural world inclusive of the animals. My heart’s yearning was always to live with the land and the bush. If dreams manifest - my dreams came true, and I am always connected to the land.

“We moved to Millmerran in 2016 because I saw the potential of the cypress forests – classified as low value – but aesthetics is priceless. I appreciated the forest’s moods and changeability. From drought to flood, frost to heat, to share the survival adaptations of the animals.

“The rugged Cypress forest is healing and a calming. In the stillness we take for granted - if you start listening and watching, you might catch the azure feather of the kingfisher; hear a sweet note of the tiny honey-eaters, or the powerful sweep of wings in flight of a magpie, defending its territory; or watch the clown antics of the parrots. The variety of living things is an endless fascination if you pause for a while.

“I only paint animals and I have shown and sold at Galleries and rural shows throughout NSW and Qld since 2004. My goal is to capture the innate quirkiness and personalities of the creatures in an endless pursuit of variety in celebration of the diversity of animals, their beauty and their miraculous lives. I value life, exchanging wealth for peace in the forests of Millmerran.”


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