Bring your gran, bring your kids, bring your husband, his parents and his work mates. Bring your singing voice (who cares if it's terrible), some sweet treats and set yourself up for the best COVID pick-me-up of all time!

Most of 2020 can eat the dust, but this will be the happiest day of the whole year and an evening to remember!


Swing through the Retro eras with this riotous dance cabaret featuring the fabulously sassy sugary delights from Candy Shop Show Australia.​


Sugar, Sugar! is a musical journey with a twist and plays homage to some of the best artists of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s with colourful high-energy dance numbers, beautiful vocals and one hell of a party!​


Hosted by your favourite candies of the Retro era Miss Peppermint Twist, Miss Skittle, Miss Everlasting Gobstopper and Miss Starburst Original, these gals will make your mouth water with their sweet harmonies, brilliant bursts of colour, and incredible dance routines! 


Payment can be made by Direct Debit or at the Heritage Building Society.

Account Name: Millmerran Arts Council Account No. 1213 0419 S21 BSB 638 070  Ref. Your name (Don't forget this!).


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