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Indigenous Art

Millmerran Woods 


Kenneth Macqueen Art Foyer

Millmerran Library Exhibitor 

June/July 2021

I live on the Wondul Range, a beautiful time capsule from the past...Indigenous woodland country... much remains unchanged in part.

Given an even dry environment on the sandstone range, this provides aged well seasoned native woodland pieces... namely Allocasarina, Brigalow and Eucalyptus to name a few.   I bring Wood Boles and selected woodland pieces back to life as bush Art.

Volcanic and River Rocks are hand painted with unique One of a kind designs.

Always a story to tell with my designs that stem from the bush and heart...

Here's some of Chris's story.....

A little about my background...

Born Christine Brown in Brisbane, raised out western Queensland.

My stepfather was a drover and we moved around a fair bit....attended Tambo state school when Armstrong hit the moon.

Married for 39yrs and have three adult children and five grandchildren.

I'm a sea changer and moved here in 2013, now I'm a self sufficient bushie.

I Started painting when my mother passed in 2015, soul searching by painting memories away ....this gave relief from grief by creating something new...

In 1930, Radcliffe/Brown, stated there were 6 tribes on the western slopes, living separate and independent from the large east tribe known as the Kamilaroi.

My Thary ( Country) Anewan Language 

Totem Boorabee

North new England tablelands.

I'm a proud Ngarabal tribe Decendant, from the Nucoorilma Clan, my grandfather, mums father Henry Brown is pictured as a boy with his brothers in 1909 at Stathboogie station..

The Mission. 

Grandmother Retta Yolanda/Clark was an arranged marriage from the Anaiwan tribe....Western slopes Bundarra and was known to be unaccepted by the elders, because of different skin...being previously married.

From the western slopes of Copes Creek NSW.

Totems (Grier) provides links among groups, because in the totem is the ancestor that as today merges into tomorrow each living creature becomes. It’s the ancestor that rests on our shoulder, watching over us, and I watch them to whom we turn for guidance. 

A significant piece of understanding Aboriginal law was all about, sharing and acceptance..moral equality with everyday living.... not to say no...if kin needed anything you would always share... this elevated any tension of greed, hunger, jealousy which ultimately leads to crime.

The prime up to esteem of kin....

Decisions were never made on a full moon, when everything is emotionally and physically disturbed.

The best time for Decision making is the time of the Gangara - new moon

Much too share here...

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