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Debbie was feature artist in the Kenneth Macqueen Foyer at Millmerran Library for March 2019 and July 2019.  See some of her beautiful exhibits below.


"Learning to fly is my journey into becoming a wildlife artist.  This work catalogues my journey as I captured wildlife in separate mediums;  oil, acrylic and finally in watercolour.  This journey is over 10 years, and led me to my "found niche" painting birds.  Birds surround us daily and I've begun to capture the ones that surround me.  The birds are my first works in water colour and the birds painted will be from south eastern Queensland in the majority.


I have a lifetime of art, working in different mediums but have only seriously been painting in water colours this past year.  I find it a beautiful medium for depicting the intricacies of the lives of birds as well as the delicateness of their feathers and features.


The paintings will be accompanied by some mixed media jewellery (quirky hand-painted bird brooches) inspired by the paintings and the birds."  Debbie Dieckmann.


The Adornment artisan  " I work intuitively with colour and re purpose ." My work appeals for people who are looking to wear a unique whimsical piece of wearable art and bring a smile to their day "

Adorn You Adornments


The most popular adornmants are the timeless Happy Brooches are made from copper wire, resin and beads they are handpainted and then laquered to preserve the colour and finish.They are approx 5cm in height and very lightweight.


"The Everyday adornment range " is  Debbies' are an exploration into a colourful  in the bush which she feels has endowed me with a love of colour and a sense of humour both of with is evident in the jewelry .They reflect a passion for old beads such as African Trade beads and Venetian Glass as inspirationfor her latest creations. " The detailed hand painted beads are strung in vivid colour combinations. Each bead is individually painted with up to 7 layers of hand applied paint giving these wood beads their lustrous vibrancy and durability.


The Special collection is pieces that to create intricate collages featuring found objects that take on a new glamorous life and hopefully bring joy to those they adorn of bone, horn, antler timber, wire, found articles embellished with glass beads, and set in resins and polymer clay giving rich textures for the senses. Fascinating stories of creation surround the pieces."

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