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Majella Proctor and Nancy Sayers are Craft Group friends, so when it was suggested to Nancy that she take her Steam Punk ideas from last year's show a bit further, she asked Magella to join her in creating different pieces.  Magella is well known for her "hippy Chic";  crazy birds built onto friend gourds, so she seemed to be the perfect person to have a go at Steam Punk... which is when Nancy got to watch this clever lady melt into a puddle of panic.   "I don't know how to", and "I can't do what you do" were two of the phrases...  Now, you should see what she has done.  her pieces are crazy and original and still oddly believable.  Go Magella!

Nancy has been creating silly things for years, from beads and wire, plus her more usual occupation of sugar work and portraiture.  Having been asked to go further with an idea from last year's show of a Dragon in Steampunk, she has found herself being confronted and challenged to do other things by Magella, using basic ideas which they both began with, which have gone in totally different directions.  Most of Nancy's are small, and a bit glittery... she just can't help herself.  Just don't ask for a matched pair to that stiletto shoe, that's all...

Anyone who says "you can't teach old dog new tricks" hasn't had a Steampunk Challenge presented to them by NANCY SAYERS.  My goodness, what a learning curve for this old girl... (enjoyable though, I may add).

Craft is a pasttime I have always enjoyed;  great therapy, and good for the soul.  I usually dabble in brightly coloured acrylic paints, and transform gourds into "Hippie Chic", which sell well at the markets... so the thought of "Steam Punk" was daunting, to say the least, but 'Hey', I thought.... "Let's give it a go."    My hunt for old cogs, clock innards and countless other titbits became a passion, leading me to recycle shops, Op shops, etc.  My appreciate of junk items grew... I was in my element!  My perception of Steam Punk turned out to be quite the opposite to my dear friend's, which has resulted in an interesting contrast.

This has been such an enjoyable experience, which has been great fun.  I hope you will enjoy it too.  Let your mind wander around our creations, and "Fell the Fantasy".  Enjoy your visit, and remember... "Never say Never".   Majella October 2020.

Here are some examples from the Kenneth Macqueen Gallery

exhibit at Millmerran Library October/November 2020.

Click on photo to enlarge.

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