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This is your Stock Inventory Form.  Please phone or email us for a copy or make up your own in this format.   Please bring in completed form when setting up.  More info below.  




It is very exciting to be finalizing the nuts and bolts of our first Pop-up Shop, and to send this Information Sheet to you.  


Please read it carefully, and start filling in your Inventory Forms and writing up Price Tags, etc. because we’ll be setting up shop in no time!   


If there is anything you don’t understand please don’t hesitate to email via the website or phone.  And best of luck for a great week of sales.   










To guarantee your spot, a $25 fee per Seller is payable by Wednesday 18th November.  


Payment by Direct Debit:  

Millmerran Arts Council – NAB A/c No. 623 738 052 - BSB 084 818    

Ref. Your name (Don't forget this – it is very difficult to track payments otherwise!).


OR by Cheque made payable to Millmerran Arts Council and forwarded to:  PO Box 386, Millmerran 4357.


Your fee covers your rent, bank card surcharges, electricity, advertising, cleaning.   




Each individual item or group of items (eg cards, jewellery) is to be labelled with a PRICE TAG that shows the initials of the seller and consecutive numbers 01, 02, etc.  For example:






Seller to provide a completed Stock Inventory Form at set-up time showing:


  • Your name, phone number, email address

  • the price tag number, and cost of item/s

  • description of each item or group of items (eg cards)

  • number of items


This will be a record of your stock.  It will be cross-checked with items during setting up and again at the end of the week. 


Everyone will have their own Inventory Form.   It will be emailed to you for printing out and filling in your details.  If no email, hard copies can be supplied on request.  


For multiple items of same type, eg jewelery:  If you have a rack of say, 20 earrings, we would ask that you give the whole rack one inventory number to cover all the items of the same price.  However, please state how many items are on the rack on your Form.  For different prices, please group and itemize as another item on your Inventory Form.  Example below.   


If you wish to restock at any stage during the week please ensure the Inventory form is updated to reflect this when you do.  



The shop will be open for setting up on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November from 9am to 12pm (approx).  You will have a designated space to set up your displays.


You will be responsible to pack up your display on Sunday 29th November from 12 noon to 3pm.  All items are to be removed from the shop.  We will be terminating the lease on the shop on that day. 




Please bring your own display table and mounts, cases, etc.  


Please bring a white sheet to cover your table.  You will be responsible to set up your own display.  


For hanging artworks, we will provide hanging space and hook.  Please make sure the backs of your images are prepared securely and wired for mounting.  


By Friday 13th November:  Please email via the website or phone/text Christine on 0402 576 453 with the exact measurements of your table, plus the number and dimensions of artworks, to ensure we have adequate space for everyone.  By It may be necessary to reduce the number of items you wish to display if space becomes an issue, although we don’t anticipate this will be the case.   




A complementary gift wrapping table will be set up.  Please bring eco-friendly, biodegradable wrapping material – eg brown paper, recycled paper, newspaper, cloth, string – which will be pooled for use.    




We would like to offer only eco-friendly, biodegradable bags for customers.  Preferably upcycled home-made cloth bags.   Please, no plastic bags either single use or other as requested.   Quite a number of Boomerang bags (50) have been generously donated so far by Millmerran Arts & Crafts group.   

To wrap larger items eg paintings - you are to supply appropriate packaging, bubble wrap, cardboard, etc. 





Bring your brochures/business cards, price lists, contact information etc. to be placed with your display if you wish.




If you would like people to be able to order a piece of artwork, or an item to be made, etc. please bring relevant signage and provide an Order Book to record orders.  Buyers and any queries will be referred on to the seller by phone if necessary.  





An Arts Council member will be in the shop at all times and will be responsible for taking money and keeping records of sales in a Day Book, which will then be transferred to your Inventory form.   They will also record orders in your Order Book.    


Customers will be able to pay by card or cash.


Reconciliations of sales and stock will be done on Sunday 29th November after close of business from 12pm and 3pm.


Every effort will be made to have your cheque (made out in the name on your Inventory form) available on the Sunday afternoon.  However, if not, cheques will be available to be collected or posted the next day, Monday 30th November.




Sellers are welcome to visit shop at any time to help out, check stock, etc.  Opening hours will be 9am – 5pm Monday 23rd  to Friday 27th November , and 9am to 12pm Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November.


However, we need you to commit to a time that you will be there, as part of your agreement to exhibit. 


Rostered time slots will be:  


Monday to Friday                  Saturday and Sunday

9.00 - 11.45am                          9am - 12pm

11.45am - 2.15pm

2.15 - 5pm


To make rostering easier, could you please let Pat Taylor know -  either by phone 0438 020 145 or email -  if there is any time you WOULD NOT be available.  Also, please indicate a PREFERRED time if you have one.  We will then do our best to nominate a suitable timeslot for you and let you know.   


The MAC member in charge on the day will direct you to any jobs that may need doing, eg tidying up, vacuuming floor, customer service, coffee runs, etc. 



Sellers agree to participate in the Pop-up Shop on the understanding that they will be responsible for their own insurance (if they so wish) against theft, breakages or in the event of a fire.  


The Millmerran Arts Council Inc. can offer public liability insurance coverage. However, while we undertake to take good care of your stock, and ensure the building is locked securely when unattended, MAC or its members cannot be held responsible for theft, breakages or fire.  



  1. Register via website OR phone in details.

  2. Pay the fee of $25.

  3. Make up Price Tags with numbers and cost.

  4. Fill in Inventory Form with Price Tag numbers, etc.

  5. Collect wrapping paper/bag materials.

  6. Phone or email Pat to arrange a rostered time in shop

  7. Phone Christine 0402 576 453 or email via website, dimensions of tables, etc. by Friday 13th November.  

  8. Set up Saturday or Sunday 9am to 12 noon.



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